Solid State Battery Electric cars could have over 600 mile range in 2020-2024

Solid Power, a leading developer of solid-state rechargeable batteries announced a partnership with the BMW Group on Dec 18, 2017.

Solid Power’s solid-state batteries contain no liquid electrolyte. Instead, they are comprised of proprietary inorganic materials producing a product with higher energy density, without volatile or flammable components.

Solid State batteries provide substantially higher energy than conventional lithium ion (2-3X greater) while also enabling lower cost systems due to the potential for eliminating many of the costly safety features typically associated with lithium-ion systems.

Fisker claims electric cars with 500-plus mile ranges and one-minute recharging times on the roads as soon as the year 2024.

Fisker claims the batteries would cost about one-third as much as li-ion ones.

In 2017, Toyota announced plans to have solid-state batteries in electric cars by 2020, while the Dyson electric car could also use solid-state battery technology developed by Sakti3.

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  1. 600 miles = 150 kWh
    150 kWh in one minute? You need 10 MW concetion power.
    What kind of cable can we be? Optical?
    Who needs it and how much would someone want to pay to recharge?

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