US Army plans to successfully revamp and future weapons that ten times better than today

The US Army plans to reform the acquisition bureaucracy, embracing commercial technology and rigorously prototyping new tech to work out bugs to achieve 10 fold improvement on its weapons. General Mark Milley said the US Army can improve 10-fold on its current weapons without falling into the pitfalls that doomed its last attempt to leap ahead, the canceled Future Combat System.

Future Combat System failed
* the current tank M1 was introduced in the 1980s and an M1 tank was worth 10 M60A3s
* the M2 Bradley armored vehicles was far better than prior armored vehicles,
* the Patriot missile, the UH-60 Black Hawk transport helicopter, and the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter were successful radical developments

The Army feels they can have revolutionary technologies from robot tanks to a long-range super-rifles.

There was a 52 page Future Army document written in 2016. It talked about how the Army needed to reorganize. However, there was not much in the document about how the Army could revolutionize procurement. The need for revolutionizing procurement was recognized but there were no specific programs.

There are weapons technology research and development. However, the effort to transform tanks or helicopters are currently long-range programs.