US Navy $440 million fast agile Littoral Combat Ship has been stuck in ice since Christmas eve

The $440 million Littoral Combat Ship USS Little Rock’s maiden journey was complicated by unusually heavy ice conditions that have kept it in Montreal since Christmas Eve.

The U.S. Navy has decided to wait until weather conditions improve before allowing the ship to continue to its home port in Mayport, Florida.

The 118-meter long Freedom-variant Little Rock is described as a fast and agile combat ship that is capable of operating near shore as well as on the open ocean.

A week after it was commissioned, the USS Little Rock became trapped by ice near Montreal.

Temporary heaters and 16 de-icers have been added to the USS Little Rock, and its crew members — some 70 officers and personnel in all — have been given new cold-weather clothing while staying on the ship for training and certification during the delay, Hillson added.