Cheap and capable drones and missiles means foreign interventions will no longer all be low-risk

The US and its allies may never actually face China in a shooting war, but sophisticated Chinese drones, missiles and weapons systems are proliferating. The perception that you will enter a low-risk environment when intervening overseas, now needs to be questioned.

China has a growing role as a source of sophisticated weaponry. Western air forces have enjoyed some three decades of dominance. But the “anti-access” strategy of the Chinese has provided weapons that could easily be employed by others to do the same thing.

US and Western arms exporters see China as a growing commercial threat. Compared with even a decade ago, there is a serious Chinese presence in the marketplace, offering good quality equipment. China, as the armed UAV example illustrates, is also willing to enter markets which many Western manufacturers, or their governments, see as being too sensitive.

Typically Chinese weaponry will give you 75% of the capability of the available Western technology for 50% of the price.