China Techno-Police State will identify any face within 3 seconds by 2020 using billions of cameras

Since the start of the 2018 Spring Security Campaign, Zhengzhou Railway Police has taken the lead in using the portraits of police glasses on national railways. The police sunglasses can effectively screen out illegal travelers who are fleeing and fraudulent use of identity documents on the Internet. It is understood that the Zhengzhou Railway Police were stationed in Zhengzhou, the four stations were used in this police glasses.

At present, the police have already seized 7 online fledgling officers suspected of trafficking in persons, traffic accidents and escapes and other 26 fake identification personnel, and effectively purged the public security environment for passenger take-off and landing.

The sunglass device was able to identify individuals from a 10,000-person database within one-tenth of a second during tests. A basic, video-only version of the glasses retails for around $630, and has been sold to countries including the US and Japan.

China is install 400 million new CCTV cameras nationwide by 2020. China is building a facial-recognition database that can identify any Chinese citizen within three seconds. One IHS Markit estimate puts the number of cameras in China at 176 million today, with a plan to have 450 million installed by 2020.

Beyond the CCTV cameras there will be smartphones and the google glass like sunglasses. There will be billions of cameras.

China Technology empowered Police State will identify any face within 3 seconds by 2020 using billions of cameras.

China will also be applying drones and satellites and high resolution cameras.