Even many of the Men joining the US Army throw like girls

A large number of US army recruits arrive and do not know how to throw. The US Army is removing the requirement that soldiers need to throw grenades 20 to 30 meters from the requirements.

They will still have hand grenade or land navigation training but will remove them from the graduation requirements.

The US Navy is also not ready for major war as they have failed to train many sailors to sail and operate ships.

China also has a problem with soft recruits. Senior officers in the People’s Liberation Army recognize that many of their volunteers and conscripts have been raised as spoiled brats.

China had a report identifying 40 weakneses in military training.

So the good news is that China and the USA are less likely to start a major war with high levels of training problems.

Note: Mythbusters did not find big differences in the throwing ability of men and women.

However, there used to be a higher standard for the US army.