India and Russia are talking about upgrading Su-35 with stealth

The standard russian Su-35 jet is able to match performance characteristics of a fifth-generation fighter — with the sole exception of its lack of stealth capabilities. A fifth-generation variant of the Su-35 could mean just adding stealth modifications.

Boeing has extensively modified the airframe of its F-15E strike fighter to develop the F-15SE Silent Eagle — a variant of the fighter with a reduced frontal radar cross section and radar absorbing paints. While the F-15E lacks the upgraded avionics, advanced missiles, and supermaneuverability of the Su-35, and cannot be considered “fifth generation” even with stealth capabilities, its stealth variant allows U.S. allies to field low observable heavy fighters.

Pakistan developing its own light stealth fighter. China has the J20 and other stealth planes.
India needs about 100 somewhat stealthy high-performance fighters.

The SU-35 has more range and speed than a F-18 Super Hornet

There has been talk about making a stealth modified Advanced Super Hornet.