Intraspexion AI helps companies avoid and reduce expensive lawsuits

Intraspexion uses deep learning and predictive analytics to predict and prevent potential litigation. Intraspexion has several patents.

Intraspexion is as an early warning system that operates through analysis of a company’s emails to identify those that contain risk factors.

Legal lawsuits cost companies in the USA $150 billion each year.

US9552548B1 – Using classified text and deep learning algorithms to identify risk and provide early warning

Deep learning is used to identify specific, potential risks to an enterprise (of which litigation is the prime example) while such risks are still internal electronic communications. The system involves mining and using existing classifications of data (e.g., from a litigation database) to train one or more deep learning algorithms, and then examining the internal electronic communications with the trained algorithm, to generate a scored output that will enable enterprise personnel to be alerted to risks and take action in time to prevent the risks from resulting in harm to the enterprise or others.