Russian hypersonic missile has a speed over 2 miles per second

By definition a hypersonic vehicle is one that travels faster than mach 5. This is 3836 mph. This is over one-mile per second.

Russia has an improved anti-ballistic missile with speeds of 4 kilometers per second. (2.4 miles per second). The new russian interceptor missile tested is a brand new replacement for the discontinued 53T6. The interceptor reportedly has a new hull with a composite material heat shield, a more powerful engine that boosts its speed to 4 km per second and an upgraded guidance system capable of withstanding the pressure of greater acceleration, which can reach almost 300 g, the source said. The missile also reportedly has a higher flight ceiling and longer range than its predecessor.

The short-range interceptor is meant to be deployed against an incoming vehicle at a speed of 3 km per second and destroy it with a 3-kiloton nuclear blast. The missile was developed during Soviet times and is no longer produced, but an estimated 100 projectiles are either being stored or are deployed in the 68 silos of the A-135 ABM system protecting the Russian capital.