SpaceX BFR will make multi-trillion dollar space industry by 2030

ULA had a vision for $2.7 trillion space industry by 2045 which would be an expansion by eight times from the $330 billion industry today. The accelerated pace of SpaceX launch vehicles will accelerate space mining, high-speed internet satellites and space-based solar power and the development of a massive space industry.

SpaceX already has the Falcon Heavy flying years head of ULA Vulcan rocket or its Space Launch System.

SpaceX and its fully reusable BFR will accelerate the development of near-earth asteroid mining and space-based solar power.

Bank of America wrote a 101 page report on the future of the Space Industry.

Although the asteroids in the asteroid belt have been estimated to be worth 700 million trillion dollars, it is the tens of thousands of larger than 100-meter diameter near earth asteroids that will be exploited first. There should be over 18 water-bearing near earth asteroids over 100 meters in diameters. There should be over ~9000 near earth asteroids in the 18-100 meter diameter size.