Waymo authorized for commercial self driving service in the USA

Waymo, the self-driving Google spinoff, has been given legal permission to operate as a Transportation Network Company in the state of Arizona.

Waymo has been running a pilot program that lets people call for rides in its cars, at first with safety engineers riding in the driver’s seat, but fully driverless since November 2017.

MIT driverless car spinoff NuTonomy’s has had robotaxi service in a 1.5-square-mile section of Singapore called North 1. This was designated by the city-state’s Land Transport Authority as the testbed for self-driving cars. In October, 2017, Delphi Automotive acquired self-driving startup NuTonomy for $450 million, speeding up its plans to supply carmakers with autonomous vehicle systems. NuTonomy will launch an autonomous robotaxi test fleet in Singapore by 2019.

GM was planning to launch a robotaxi service in 2019.

Navigant ranked the top self driving car companies.

1. GM
2. Waymo
3. Daimler-Bosch
4. Ford
5. Volkswagen Group
6. BMW-Intel-FCA
7. Aptiv
8. Renault-Nissan Alliance
9. Volvo-Autoliv-Ericsson-Zenuity
10. PSA