Drone package delivery trials will start within month in the USA

Drone delivery could be coming to the US very soon: Package delivery trials are expected to begin “within months,” according to a recent Wall Street Journal report.

The White House is pushing for closer collaboration between the government and companies like Amazon to get authorization for drone ventures like Amazon’s Prime Air. Delivery initiatives have been in the works for years, but have stalled due to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

Singapore, UK and Australia are leading the commercialization of drone delivery

Google’s Project Wing is delivery food in Australia.

Project Wing’s UTM platform is designed to support the growing drone industry by enabling a high volume of drones to share the skies and fly safely over people, around terrain and buildings, and near airports.

Project Wing’s latest prototypes are designed to be quiet and efficient without compromising safety or performance.

Project Wing is building a fleet of small unmanned aircraft that can pick up a package from a business or home, fly themselves to a designated location, hover over the delivery area, and gently lower their package to the ground at a precise location chosen by the person who scheduled the delivery (like a backyard or near a doorstep). The drones map the safest route to a designated location using our unmanned traffic management platform (UTM), which manages the drones’ flight path from take-off to landing, making sure they plan routes around each other, buildings, trees, or anything else that might pose an obstacle.

Using Project Wing’s delivery app, testers in Tuggeranong (Australia) can order a range of food and convenience items and have them delivered by drone. The trial is open to a limited number of households in Tuggeranong.

On 7 February 2018 – Airbus launched the Asia-Pacific operations of its “Airbus Aerial” commercial drone services at the Singapore Airshow 2018. The newly established regional base of Airbus Aerial adds to two existing hubs based in Atlanta, U.S. and Munich, Germany.