79% of health facilities in Venezuela have no running water

A survey of 104 health facilities in Venezuela, commissioned by the opposition-controlled National Assembly, describes the huge problems with health care in Venezuela.

* 79% of them had no running water at all.
* 14% of intensive care units have been shut down
* 25% of pediatric ICUs have been shut
* most open ICUs have intermittent failures due to a lack of supplies
* In early 2017, data for 2015-2016 showed pregnancy-related deaths rose 66% and 11,466 infants died — a 30% increase.
* for many open facilities patients are expected to bring any medicine or supplies needed for their treatment themselves. They have to buy the drugs on the black market
* A day in a private ICU can cost between $130 and $216 at the current exchange rate. Giving birth can cost anywhere between $75 and $200, depending on the clinic. Minimum wage in Venezuela is about $1.50 a month, and residents receive an additional $4 in government-issued food stamps.

The Venezuelan government tweeted out photos that they claim is of a renovated surgery room. But the staged photos show no patients in the rooms or at the facility.