Based upon his father’s lifespan Xi Jinping will be President of China until 2043

China has voted to remove term limits on Presidents of China.

Xi Jinping will turn 65 this year. Xi Jinping’s father was Xi Zhongxun. His father lived until he was 89.

Xi Jinping will likely be President of China for the remainder of his life. This will likely be for an average of another 25 years. This will mean that instead of 10-year term limit. Xi Jinping will be President of China for 30 years. This would be until 2043.

If there is new radical life extension technology for boosting the lifespan, then this could increase by another ten years or more.

In meetings in April 1979, Zhongxun convinced Deng Xiaoping to permit Guangdong to make its own foreign trade policy decisions and to invite foreign investment to projects in experimental areas along the provincial border with Hong Kong and Macau and in Shantou, which has a large overseas diaspora. As for the name of the experimental areas, Deng said, “let’s call them, ‘special zones’. Deng added, “The Central Government has no funds, but we can give you some favorable policies.” Xi submitted a formal proposal on the creation of special zones, later renamed special economic zones and in July 1979, the party center and State Council approved the creation of the first four special economic zones.

In 1981, Xi Zhongxun was elected the deputy chair of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and also held the chair of the legal affairs committee. He oversaw the drafting of numerous laws. In September 1982, he was elected to the Politburo and the party secretariat. In 1987, Deng Xiaoping and Chen Yun were dissatisfied with the liberal inclination of Hu Yaobang, and called a meeting to force Hu to resign. Xi was the only one that defended Hu. He retired from public service in April 1988 and spent most of his retirement years in Shenzhen.