Blockchain, logging with accurate GPS stamps to combat fake pictures and recordings

One of my oldest prediction is from 32 years ago. It was that fake images and video would be a big problem for news and society. I made a set of public predictions for the Honeywell Canada Futurist Essay competition of 1985.

Singularity Hub notes the rapidly expanding problems in this area.

* Computers can generate imitated voices
* False or altered images and videos can be made

There is already the problem of different groups only accepting the news from different biased sources.

Other problems that need to be addressed
* Hacking and spoofing of self-driving and automated systems
* Super-phishing
* Super high-quality spam (email, text, phone)

The solutions would seem to involve secure blockchain versions of email and other communication systems combined with physical devices that act as secure storage. Digital images, voice and video recording would need to have some kind of encryption chain that is combined with micrometer accurate GPS.

There is a blockchain digital notary company called Truepic.

Insurance companies are cutting fraud and reducing claims expenses by implementing mobile app visual inspections & verified photo claims.

Smartphones have become platforms for monitoring and documenting world events. TRUEPIC allows for authenticated User Generated Content in real time anywhere in the world.

There would need to be secure constant logging from individuals, devices, high altitude balloon, satellites and other sources. Then multiple sources would have to verify incidents.