Blockchain will vastly improve the efficiency of the financial system and other industries

Blockchain can provide vastly improved efficiency to all financial systems and other industries.

Blockchain can make transactions instantaneous, in-Sync, and transparent.

Currently stock, bonds, options and futures trading have several days for settlement of transactions. The current system can have contradictory transactions, confusion, complexity which can result in complicated legal proceedings. Investors may have thought they had shares of a company, but those shares could have been included in transactions that had not yet settled or were loaned out for short selling.

Blockchain technology could solve these problems by processing all transactions without any delay, and keeping all accounting systems in sync.

Reduced expenses

Each company can have thousands and bank and trading accounts. There is cash trapped in all of the accounts. If we can speed up the payment infrastructure among central banks, that will free up a tremendous amount of working capital around the economy.

Blockchain would automate about 30 percent of the work for fund administration.

Blockchain can distribute real-time information about index composition like the S&P 500 index.