China’s nuclear aircraft carrier technology will catchup to the US around 2025

The China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) briefly put online China’s next aircraft carrier, next submarine and other naval projects.

CSIC will make China’s first nuclear-powered carrier. The first is expected to be launched in the late-2020s. The Type 003 will displace between 90,000-100,000 tons and have electromagnetically assisted launch system (EMALS) catapults.

The Type 095 SSN would be built at CSIC’s Bohai Shipyard, which is China’s sole nuclear submarine shipyard. Compared to the Type 093 SSN, the Type 095 SSN will include new noise reduction measures, like an integrated electric propulsion system and possibly a shaftless rim drive, single hull, and electronic noise cancellation. CSIC is also working on a separate ‘quiet’ submarine project, presumably to be built at its Wuhan conventional submarine shipyard. This submarine is presumably quieter than the air-independent propulsion (AIP) Type 039B Yuan submarine; it’ll likely have quieting measures like a single hull, a new AIP system, and lithium-ion batteries.

China has begun building its sixth Type 055 Destroyer

IHS Janes 360 reports that recently captured commercial satellite imagery shows that China has begun construction at its shipyard in Dalian of the sixth Type 055 guided-missile destroyer on order for the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).

The imagery shows that the pierside assembly of the first modules for hull 6 began between 21 December 2017 and 3 January 2018. Two Type 055 hulls (3 and 4), both of which are in the late stages of assembly, are present in a neighboring dry dock.

The improved type 055 destroyer will have an integrated electric propulsion system to enhance the ability of the ship to generate power for sensors and directed energy weapons. In addition to carrying helicopters, the ship may also be equipped with more than 100 long-range air defense and ground attack missiles.