Cold War 2.0 with Russia animated nuclear attack on Florida in a video

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual address to Russia’s Federal Assembly today and showed off concept videos of a multi-warhead nuclear strike against the United States. The video depicts Florida, to be exact—the site of President Trump’s private club in Palm Beach.

Putin said the new system in the animation did not have a name and asked the audience to submit proposals to the Defense Ministry’s website.

The new weapon uses a “nuclear power energy unit,” according to Putin. “This is how it avoids defense barriers,” Putin explained as the video played.

The new weapon has unlimited range.

Putin talked about noiseless unmanned submarines that can reach incredible depths.

RT (formerly Russia Today) is a Russian international television network funded by the Russian government. It operates cable and satellite television channels directed to audiences outside of Russia, as well as providing Internet content in various languages, including English, Spanish and Russian.

Putin talk on weapons starts at 1:15

Putin shows the video of nuclear weapons at 1:27