Future of humanity in Space with SpaceX, Planetary Resources, Blue Origin and Starlabs

There were MIT presentations about getting into space and beyond the cradle of the Earth

There were presentations by Blue Origin, SpaceX, StarLabs and Planetary Resources.

Vision of Blue Origin is millions of people living and working in space.

Planetary Resources sees a $6 billion per year market for fuel in space by 2032.

SpaceX is still on track for its first uncrewed launch of Crew Dragon as early as August 2018 and the first crewed mission following in December 2018 if all goes well.

Crewed Dragon was planned to land near the launch pad on legs. However, SpaceX has canceled the work to land crewed Dragons. The NASA certification process was causing too many delays. SpaceX would instead put its time, energy, and money into the development of BFR and BFS.

Crew Dragon will be recovered after landing in the ocean. SpaceX will likely be able to significantly drop the cost of Crew Dragon launches in the future by efficiently refurbishing each recovered capsule. SpaceX might try catching the Dragon like the attempt to catch a fairing with a giant net on a ship.