Goals for 2020 include maglev trains at half the speed of sound

China had listed numerous AI and industrial goals in a set of nationwide plans at the end of 2017.

By 2020, one the goals is to develop a home-grown 600 kilometer per hour (373 mph) maglev train.

China laid out other goals in a 12-page summary plan.

Other goals by 2020, the level of intelligent high-end CNC machine tools will be further enhanced.

A new generation of industrial robots with man-machine coordination, natural interaction, and self-learning functions will achieve mass production and application; the forming efficiency of additive manufacturing equipment will be greater than 450 cubic centimeters per hour, and the continuous working time will be greater than 240h; realize the integrated application of intelligent sensing and control equipment in the fields of machine tools, robotics, petrochemicals, rail transit, etc. The accuracy of industrial scene visual recognition of intelligent inspection and assembly equipment reaches 90%, and the measurement accuracy and speed meet the actual production requirements; Develop more than 10 smart logistics and warehousing equipment.

Accelerate the deployment and construction of a highly intelligent, next-generation Internet, a fifth-generation mobile communication (5G) network with high-speed, high-capacity, and low-latency delays, a navigation network with fast and highly-precise positioning, and an ubiquitous converged, highly efficient, integrated world-wide information network.

Accelerate the construction of industrial Internet and vehicle networking, gradually form an intelligent network infrastructure system, and upgrade support service capabilities.

By 2020, more than 90% of the country’s broadband access rates and delays will meet the application needs of the artificial intelligence industry.