Maduro’s Venezuela could unravel quickly

Nextbigfuture wrote that Venzuela is unable to feed its people and that a military coup in 2018 seems inevitable.

Venezuela’s leader Maduro is attempting to purge the military today.

El Pais reports on the purge.

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro began purging high-rankings members of his military who have expressed their opposition to his failed socialist regime this weekend.

There are about 130,000 in the Venezuelan Army.

A military coup is the main hope for Venezuela’s people. The generals and colonels who would overthrow Madura must know that they will have to act or they will be facing one purge after another.

The military must see the need for action against Maduro with the lack of food and medicine.

The army is not being well fed either.

Regardless of Maduro’s attempts to install loyalists. People will not remain loyal when 40% of the newborn babies die and people are starving and there is no medicine.

Maduro is attempting ordinary authoritarian control but the level of mismanagement is too high.

The desperation of the people especially those in the military and in oil industry, I see as forcing action and one crisis after another.

I see Maduro and those with him trying to cling to power but I think it will unravel and any failed attempts this time will be followed by more attempts far sooner than previous attempts.

Venezuela will also become more and more vulnerable to outside action.