Saturn’s moons Titan would be a useful future outpost

The SpaceX BFR has the power to travel on faster trajectories. By using an ellipical orbit it could reach Saturn’s moon Titan in about 3 years and if we develop magnetoshell breaking the BFR could use a parabolic orbit to reach Saturn’s moon in about 2 and half years. Current space missions send probes to Saturn in about 6 years.

Humans on Titan would not need a pressurized suit to survive. You would need an oxygen mask and very warm clothing.

Aviation Space Environment Medicine. 2009 Oct;80(10):900-1. Titan: a distant but enticing destination for human visitors.

Trapped gas insulation 7.5 cms thick and heaters for the gloves and visors will be sufficient for astronauts on the surface using “equipment not much different from what can be purchased today from a sporting goods store”.

(Arxiv) It would be easy to generate power on Titan.

There are massive seas filled with Methane on Titan.

Methane can be used to refuel rockets.