Swiss startup Proxeus aims to disrupt data storage and access

Following a $25 million ICO, award winning startup Proxeus signs a groundbreaking partnership with high-security data center MOUNT10.

March 21, 2018 – Proxeus, the workflow engine and document generator for creating blockchain applications, has announced a partnership with data storage facility, MOUNT10. This partnership is a key element in Proxeus’ ambitious goal of disrupting data storage and access through blockchain.

“Before Proxeus, the problem was that consumers were faced with an impossible choice: security, or accessibility,” says Proxeus Cofounder, Antoine Verdon. “Proxeus lets them have both.”

Military-grade security

Proxeus makes this possible by using blockchain technology. Data is secured with military-grade encryption, while still being easily shareable and accessible. This is achieved by securely transmitting data encrypted by Proxeus on the client’s computer to an off-chain storage on MOUNT10’s server infrastructure.

Access and ownership are controlled by modern smart contracts designed by Proxeus and made accessible through decentralized Apps (Dapps). This allows users to create a digital safe deposit-box, where to share access, a “key” is securely provided via blockchain technology, instead of insecure methods like email.

More than just a typical storage facility, MOUNT10 provides nuclear levels of protection to client data through the use of underground data centers. Referred to as “The Swiss Fort Knox,” MOUNT10 owns and operates two highly secure data centers in the Swiss Alps and currently provides a range of customers automated, standardized data backups.

“As blockchain technology continues to advance, partnering with someone like Proxeus opens an entire new market to the world of storage and archiving, and that’s a very exciting proposition for us,” says Thomas Liechti of MOUNT10

A winning project

This news follows on winning the Early Stage Award at the Swiss Fintech Awards and a successful ICO by Proxeus. The team raised $25 million over two days in a silent ICO with zero marketing budget. $10 million was raised by 20 buyers during the presale, with the remaining $15 million being raised during the main sale from approximately 800 investors. Funds will be used to continue to build the product and the community surrounding it.

“When pitching a previous project, we were once asked by a potential investor ‘How do you intend to boil the ocean’,” says Patrick Allemann, Cofounder of Proxeus. “It was a humbling, but very valid question. We’re answering that with Proxeus. We don’t intend to boil the ocean – we empower companies to boil their own patch of water. The ocean will boil… we just won’t do it alone.”

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Proxeus offers the most robust framework available for decentralized applications. With Proxeus, companies can digitize their workflows and start connecting them with smart contracts on the blockchain, resulting in important efficiency gains and cost reduction, and opening the door to new business models.

Proxeus is a powerful workflow engine and document generator allowing to create blockchain applications. Winner of the 2018 Swiss FinTech Early Stage Award, Proxeus allows users to develop solutions by inputting information and building workflows without the need to learn a new programming language. Proxeus started in 2015 and over the last two years it has developed a mature technology and have been testing it with a series of industry leaders in trade finance, tokenization of assets, legal & compliance. The company has successfully raised $25M as a part of their ICO, it has offices in Liechtenstein, Zug, Zurich, Lisbon and Singapore