Turkey, Japan and South Korea looking at F-35B jump jets for airwings for mini-aircraft carriers

Turkey might buy new generation F-35B jump jet stealth fighters.

Turkey could join Japan and South Korea in using 20000 to 35000 helicopter carriers to base about 10-20 F35b with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities as mini-aircraft carriers.

Japan is buying 20–40 F-35Bs over the next few years.

Japan can also operate the STOVL planes from commercial airstrips on isolated islands in case the country’s major military bases come under attack. Japan could refit its two Izumo-class helicopter destroyers to operate the F-35B. These ships are roughly 250 meters (820 feet) long and displace 24,000 tons.

The F-35B would have a combat range of about 450-500 miles and have fewer weapons than an F-35C that was launched with a catapult off of a large aircraft carrier. F-35C would have a combat range of about 690 miles.