Upgraded Swiss Supercomputer is world number 3

The Piz Daint supercomputer is a Cray XC50. It was upgraded for about $42 million with almost 5000 Nvidia processors late in 2016.

With a peak performance of seven petaflops, “Piz Daint” has been Europe’s fastest supercomputer since its debut in November 2013. It remains number one thanks to a hardware upgrade in late 2016, which boosted its peak performance to more than 25 petaflops.

The European Union will spend one billion euros ($1.2 billion) to try to catch up to China, the U.S. and Japan in supercomputing. The goal of the project is for Europe to acquire two “world-class” supercomputers, capable of at least a hundred million billion calculations per second (100 petaFLOPS), and at least two mid-range systems, capable of tens of millions of billions of calculations per second (10 PetaFLOPS), by 2020.

The EU will then create a next-generation “exascale” system — capable of performing at least one billion billion (exaFLOP) mathematical calculations per second — “based on EU technology” by 2022.