Aubrey de Grey and West of AgeX talk about embryonic regeneration and reversing aging

Michael D. West 2018 Presentation at The World Stem Cell Summit on “Stem Cell Innovations That Will Change the World”

Michael D. West, Ph.D., CEO of AgeX Therapeutics, discusses the medical regeneration revolution by looking back at how advances in recombinant DNA and monoclonal antibodies helped usher in new products that improved the quality of human life after decades of research. Dr. West also addresses pluripotent stem cells and how unlocking their potential will spur the next big medical revolution: regenerative medicine.

Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D., Vice President of New Technology Discovery of AgeX Therapeutics, discusses how scientists are approaching the idea of reversing the aging process in humans. Dr. de Grey uses car repair as an example of how we keep a machine running today that was created a century ago. We do that, he explains, by repairing the damage that happens to the car over time (rust, worn out parts, etc.). Although the human body is much more complicated than a car, Dr. de Grey posits that the approach scientists today will take will be very similar. In fact, he said reversing the aging process in humans (where they will be a younger biological age than when treatment starts) will be easier than slowing down or stopping aging.

Michael D. West, Ph.D., CEO of AgeX Therapeutics, discusses how average life expectancy has increased from about 45 in the early 1900’s to the mid- 70s today due to advancements in antibiotics and surgical techniques, among other things. He posits that the revolution in artificial intelligence (and approaching singularity) is already impacting science and will only increase the rapid advancements from the laboratory to the clinic. Those advancements, Dr. West believes, will result in an increasing lifespan for humans which we need to start thinking about and preparing as society adapts to humans living a longer and healthier life.

Michael D. West, Ph.D., CEO of AgeX Therapeutics, discusses the emerging field of regenerative medicine. He uses the example of how the Mexican salamander can re-grow limbs and even organs. By studying how Mexican salamanders regenerate, Dr. West posits that researchers can learn how to harness the same power in humans. Humans, Dr. West points out, are born with the ability to completely regenerate until eight weeks after conception. Humans lose that ability, but Dr. West says scientists will someday be able to regenerate cells in the human body much like the Mexican salamander does today. This video is part of a series from AgeX on research into aging and human longevity