Bosch reduces diesel exhaust smog to 1/10th the legal limits

Robert Bosch GmbH said its engineers have developed a new diesel-exhaust system that cuts emissions to 1/10th the legal limits taking effect in 2020 and can help automakers avoid potential driving bans in Europe that threaten to doom the engine technology.

Automakers have relied on diesel to help the industry meet limits on CO2 emissions, a contributor to global warming. But while it emits less CO2 than gasoline-fueled engines, the technology also generates nitrogen oxides that contribute to harmful smog, a problem most acute in big cities.

Bosch’s new process optimizes thermal management of exhaust temperatures, slashing NOx emissions to one-10th of the legally permitted limit, and doesn’t require new hardware, Denner said. The system keeps emissions stable even at cold temperatures, he said.