China could sell half of the world’s electric cars in 2018

China’s electric car sales in March surged to 59,000 units which is up 85% year over year (YoY). Quarter 1 2018 sales doubled compared to the same period last year, to over 122,000 units.

BYD is increasing production. They had their second-best month ever (13,100 registrations), only below the 16,000 units of December, 2017. BYD has a new Qin sedan and Tang SUV coming soon. BYD should be selling 20,000+ electric cars per month in the second half of the year.

This would be close to keeping pace to Tesla planned 5000-6000 Model 3 per week.

Most of China’s top selling electric cars are compact electric cars with about 100-250 kilometer range.

In February 2018 BYD launched the BYD Song EV400 with a range of 350km and 0-100km/h acceleration of 4.8 seconds. This will sell for just under $30,000 with subsidies.