China is developing J-20 Stealth fighter variants and next generation fighter will have improved metamaterials

China is continuing to upgrade the J-20 stealth fighter with a higher thrust engine and new electronic equipment and radars.

China is mass-producing metamaterials for the J-20 stealth fighter.

Metamaterial antennas can increase radiated power, resulting in longer-range and more precise radar, as well as powerful jammers and datalinks. In turn, by fine-tuning their structures, metamaterial absorbers can be engineered to absorb specific wavelength ranges, such as those from the radars of enemy fighters and missiles. Such absorbers would likely be put on areas likely to reflect radar waves, such as the edges of canards, weapon bay doors, and engine nozzles.

China is developing new J-20 variants and has begun research on a ‘sixth-generation’ fighter. J-20 chief designer Yang Wei said that China will develop a large family of J-20s to give play to its various advantages.

“There will be more surprises in future fighter jets, which will be more mechanized, information-equipped and smarter,” Yang said.

The surprises include progress on the research of China’s next generation of stealth fighters, which is expected to make China no longer a follower, but a leader in the development of stealth fighters.

Mass produced metamaterials