Intelligence Minister Katz says Iran would give up nuclear program if pressured

Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz said Iran is even more vulnerable to sanctions and other pressure than North Korea because Iran doesn’t yet have nuclear weapons. Iran’s people are less cowed by their leaders and wouldn’t passively accept tighter economic sanctions.

Macron and other European leaders have been promising add-ons to the accord that will address U.S. concerns about issues including Iran’s ballistic missile program and its regional interventions. Trump is threatening to pull out of the deal May 12 if those fixes can’t be agreed.

While many analysts — including within Israel’s own security establishment — say such a step will turn a spurned Iran into a dangerous foe, and send a message to North Korea that it can’t count on the U.S. to keep its word, Katz sees things differently. He argued that Iran’s government is weak and its economy deeply troubled, giving it few options if the U.S. were to ratchet up pressure.

“Iranians aren’t willing to go hungry like North Koreans,” he said.