AI-powered, big data manages critical retail efficiency in real-time

OSA decentralized is the world’s first decentralized, AI-driven marketplace providing real-time solutions to retailers, manufacturers and consumers.
The Optimal Shelf Availability Decentralized Platform is also known as OSA DC. As a standard term in the retail industry, optimal shelf availability refers to the immediate availability of all the relevant goods on a retailer’s shelves at any moment in time. An airtight OSA is crucial to increasing sales volume and profitability, customer satisfaction, and the overall efficiency of a retail business. The OSA DC platform itself is a business project, developed by a team distributed between Russia, Ukraine, the United States, and Israel. It uses data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and optical recognition technologies to improve optimal shelf availability for retailers and like businesses.

The Power of the Smart Consumer
An AI-powered digital assistant will provide consumers with purchasing recommendations based on reliable product information and ratings, ensuring that they only purchase genuine consumer goods and safe-for-consumption groceries.
OSA DC’s artificial intelligence will provide three benefits that are crucial for the success of a healthy retail ecosystem:

By using OSA DC, consumers will provide a wealth of data while being rewarded for these contributions in the platform’s native token.
Consumers will enrich OSA’s AI data model by providing relevant product information and purchase decision tree. In turn, the AI will analyze this data so that manufacturers and retailers can effectively cooperate to optimize their business strategies.
Smart contracts will keep data providers honest and consumer interests protected, as a unique set of KPIs, product ratings, and rewards will be stored and verifiable on the blockchain.
Consumers will be able to use OSA tokens in a variety of ways:
– Pay for B2C services
– Receive exclusive promotional offers
– Purchase groceries
The 62 page white paper is here.
OSA Decentralized (OSA DC) stands for creating value for consumers, retailers and manufacturers with its AI-driven digital services.
Established in 2015, OSA is already a successful standing business. They provide services for the world’s leading consumer products manufacturers and retailers, including Coca-Cola, Mars, L’Oreal, Nestle, Metro Cash & Carry and many others.
These services are deployed by OSA Hybrid Platform, an AI-powered, big data platform that manages retail optimal shelf availability in real-time. With two years of development and testing under our belt, they’ve produced OSA Hybrid Platform solution in close partnership with the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), an organization that represents more than 70 of Europe’s leading manufacturers and retailers in more than 40 countries.
Optimal shelf availability is the most challenging problem in global consumer retail, costing manufacturers and retailers $400 billion in lost sales per year and caused by business processes inefficiencies along the supply chain and in the retail stores.
OSA DC takes OSA Hybrid Platform Solution a stage further – it employs a range of cutting edge technologies that overcome obstacles we identified while implementing the Solution:
namely, lack of transparency and human error in the entire supply chain industry.
To ensure transparency, it leverages AI, blockchain and smart contract technology to make every supply chain party’s data immune from manipulation and unauthorized access.
OSA DC platform will feature the OSA Product Master Data Catalogue, containing product names, visual appearances, and comprehensive product information for all available goods.
This will allow OSA AI to process clean data and provide the members of the supply chain with smart prescriptions. AI will power the Master Data Catalogue development, which is significantly more reliable, cheaper, and faster than currently applied manual management.
Each product will include an image recognition (IR) model generated by machine-learned, synthetic datasets that train our AI, a unique technology developed by Neuromation. IR functionality allows shop staff to respond to AI generated tasks, collect relevant data, and provide necessary services to consumers and other members of the supply chain.
Built on top of OSA existing technologies – big data platform, machine learning and real-time AI processing – OSA DC will completely solve product availability issue, drastically reduce product waste and deliver tangible benefits to supply chain members and consumers.
OSA DC will also make its wealth of product data available to consumers in an easy-to-use format. Enriched with product and store performance ratings, this data will allow consumers to make intelligent and conscious purchasing decisions while also help them to
1. save consumers money
2. save consumers time
3. stay healthy by avoiding unhealthy and hazardous foods and leading healthy lifestyle
In addition, OSA DC will encourage consumers to generate and share valuable consumer data (purchasing trends, product information), which will assist manufacturers and retailers with producing better products and providing better services for their customers.
Consumers will be rewarded in OSA coins for their contributions to the platform’s data landscape, and will use OSA coins for a variety of services, including in-store purchases.
OSA Decentralized is building an unprecedented ecosystem that unites various parties which are disconnected today – supply chain members, data providers, data scientists, IT specialists, apps developers, computation power providers, laboratories, regulators and end consumers. This powerful combination will spur the development of myriads of B2B and B2C services on decentralized blockchain and smart contracts based platform.
OSA Coin is the fuel that will drive the ecosystem’s operations, as well as a payment method to enable smooth transactions between its members.