AirMap enables 30 second authorization for urban drone flights in restricted airspace instead of 90 days

AirMap is the world’s leading airspace management platform for drones, supporting more than 100,000 drone flights per day. The only platform that powers millions of flights today with APIs and SDKs built for tomorrow. Millions of drones, hundreds of drone manufacturers and developers, and hundreds of airspace managers and stakeholders rely on AirMap’s airspace intelligence and services to fly safely and communicate with others in low-altitude airspace. AirMap solutions for Unmanned Traffic Management, geofencing, remote identification, deconfliction are enabling the drone economy and widespread usage of drones.

AirMap is headquartered in Santa Monica, California and also has an office in Berlin, Germany. The company has approximately 50 employees. Airmap is working on four continents with partners and programs in Switzerland, USA, Japan and New Zealand.

Airmap enables 30 second authorization for urban drone flights in restricted airspace instead of 90 days.

AirMap has $50 million of funding form investors including Microsoft, Qualcomm, Airbus, Sony, Rakuten, and major drone manufacturers.

Airmap enables new drone coverage of the news for Sinclair Broadcast Group

Airspace Authorization from AirMap has made it possible for Sinclair Broadcast Group, one of the largest television broadcasting companies in the US, to shoot the news where they couldn’t shoot before.

Nextbigfuture interviewed Bill Goodwin VP of Policy at AirMap

Bill Goodwin is the General Counsel & VP of Policy at AirMap. He is an expert in the area of state and local UAS regulation. Prior to AirMap, he was an attorney in the San Francisco office of Morrison | Foerster, a global law firm, with a split practice of commercial litigation, tech transactions, and regulatory counseling. He was a member of MoFo’s UAS practice group, providing practical and strategic counsel on the unique product liability, licensing, and regulatory risks that arise in the drone context.

Mr. Goodwin is a frequent speaker on the legal and policy issues associated with drones, including testifying before Congress. He has worked with elected and appointed officials at the federal, state, and local level to understand the impact of regulation on the drone economy. Previously, he worked in political network visualization and state and local government consulting.

Airmap wants to make drones safe for everyday life.

Airmap has an out of the box unmanned traffic management (UTM).

Airmap has a flexible, scalable, and future-proof.

The out-of-the-box UTM service modules provide instant access to over 85% of the global drone market.

AirMap Selected as UAS Service Supplier in Six our of ten FAA’s UAS Integration Pilot Programs (IPP)

AirMap was founded in 2015 to advance the global drone economy through smart technology and close collaboration with stakeholders. They believe that technology can address the inherent complexity of the skies just above the ground and safely enable the myriad benefits of drones. They call this “opening the airspace,” and it drives everything that we do as a company with our global community of AirMap partners.

Opening the airspace will unlock the technologies and use cases for commercial drones. This includes many of the missions that you perform: package delivery, medical operations, search and rescue, emergency response and recovery, public safety, journalism, inspections and surveying, and more.

Ordering something online to be delivered by drone to your local neighborhood? AirMap visualizes dynamic airspace information to help identify the best flight path based on time, risk, and performance requirements for a delivery operation. AirMap has solutions to enable BVLOS flights in situations where a drone would be dispatched to complete a drone delivery task.

What if you’re an emergency responder on the scene to lend aid after a wildfire or accident? AirMap technologies allow emergency response authorities to define and set boundaries of airspaces in which an emergency has taken place and where unauthorized drones cannot enter. Authorization provides permission-based access to emergency airspace, with shared telemetry allowing drones to operate in close proximity safely.

Need a roof inspection? Ask a drone to do it! AirMap’s technology provides drones with the most up-to-date airspace information so that drones can plan and adapt flight plans to local events, restrictions, and even changes in weather immediately around them.

AirMap is a UTM technology partner for:

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
City of Reno
City of San Diego
Kansas Department of Transportation
North Carolina Department of Transportation
North Dakota Department of Transportation

This means that we’ll be opening up a lot more airspace alongside public and private partners across the United States so that we can finally start realizing the benefits of drones.

With the UAS IPP, we’re seeing government move at the pace of innovation with industry-led solutions that can support a broad range of UAS operations safely and at scale. It’s something we’re seeing worldwide, in countries like Switzerland, Japan, New Zealand, and more to come.

But we won’t want to stop at the UAS IPP. AirMap will continue to leverage our experiences around the world and working in the UAS IPP to help open the airspace around the globe.