C2 Conference in Montreal

Nextbigfuture is at the C2 conference in Montreal from May 23-May 25.

C2 Montréal is a collaborative event that unlocks creativity in order to help leaders from all industries better face disruption and change. The theme this year is Transformative Collisions, and how these collisions break down barriers between ideas, points of view, sectors and disciplines. For 3 action-packed days, they’ll help bright business minds re-energize and build the new set of tools they’ll need to take on today’s social and commercial challenges.

The theme in 2018 is Transformative Collisions. At C2 Montréal, the core belief remains the same: that it’s at the intersection of commerce and creativity that innovative and actionable solutions to the challenges of our times will be found. In 2011, when C2’s founders put those two C’s together, they were making worlds collide. Today, creativity is widely recognized as a key skill for any leader or organization hoping to survive, much less innovate. This is no longer a collision – it’s the strong foundation upon which prosperous businesses are built.

Some of the speakers are:

Snoop Dogg
International entertainment icon, Co-Founder of MERRY JANE, and Chairman of Leafs By Snoop

Dr. Foteini Agrafioti
Chief Science Officer, RBC, Head, Borealis AI

His Excellency Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama
Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, United Arab Emirates

Alex Bodman
Global Creative Director, Spotify

and many more