Canada Trudeaus could combine for longest rule

Pierre Trudeau was the 3rd longest service Prime Minister and Justin Trudeau is likely to win a second term.

A full second term would make Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada for 8 to 9 years. Pierre had four terms for 15.5 years.

Combined they would then have 23-25 years as PM which would be more than the 21 years of the longest MacKenzie King. There are no term limits in Canada and Justin is young, but being PM is based on the party winning as well as the person staying in charge of the party.

The Liberal Party is leading in the polls and there will be an election in about 1.5 years.

The latest Nanos ballot tracking, which asks respondents to rank the top two parties they would consider voting for, had the Liberals ahead:

Liberals: 41.1 percent
Conservatives: 29.2 percent
NDP: 15.8 percent