China targeting long range drone with 20 tons of payload by 2020

China drone company Tengoen’s has the Tb-001 drone which is twin-engine, double-tail drone. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 2.8 tons, a range of more than 3,700 miles, and provisions to carry two 220-pound bombs or missiles. Tengoen has partnered Chinese delivery company SF Express to build TB-011 for cargo delivery, increasing the drone’s size to 3.3 tons, with a 1.2-ton payload.
Tengoen is building an eight-engine drone with a wingspan of more than 137 feet to carry a payload of 20 tons payload up to 4,660 miles. That’s akin to a medium-sized manned cargo plane.
The carbon-fiber, double-bodied drone carries the payload module between the two fuselages. They are targeting 2020 for first flight.