Crypto, Blockchain then What ? – C2 Montreal #C2M18

C2 Montreal talk and forum on Blockchain

Singer and then dancers [first 16 minutes]

There were two parts to this talk. One was a futurist talk by Dubai’s futurist Noah Raford. This Dubai future talk is now is a separate article.

Blockchain Panel

Eamon Leonard (Leadweb)
Iliana Oris Valiente (Accenture, blockchain innovation lead)
Kyle Kemper (Blockchain Association of Canada, [half-brother to Canada PM Justin Trudeau])
Kim Cope (AxiomZen, product director)
Noel Acheson (moderator, coindesk)

More than decentralized money
Store and share info in secure and decentralized manner
This can transform accounting and finance and business
Blockchain can change and transform
Can change identity and inclusion?
Re-examine identity, privacy

How did each get started.
Iliana was an accountant and started in 2012 in blockchain and bitcoin. She could see a public ledger would change the nature of audit. And then moved beyond that.

Project Jasper phase 3 to put cash and securities on blockchain.
Ocean shipping, supply chain. getting calls once a week.
Working with Singapore
Central banks are looking at this.
A lot of duplication in trade finance. A lot of efficiency and reliable

Kyle Kemper was working at mobile startup and was running SETI searches. Dismissed it in 2010. But then sold iphone case for half a bitcoin in 2012. The Case was $60.

Getting small retailers using wallets and understanding how to send and receive

Working on supercluster initiative to help industries and business in Canada to have wider adoption of blockchain and other technology

Thinks that usability is still not there yet. Usability solutions will trigger wider adoption. Believes we are at about the stage where AOL is just coming out for the internet

Kim – Axiomzen works on emerging tech like AR/VR.
Unleashed Cryptokitties, most successful game on blockchain
Users purchase a kitty and you can buy and sale and trade
Cryptokitties have verifiable ownership
Highest price US$140,000 for one cryptokitty about $24 million per year in transactions

Working with Sotheby’s on real estate
Worked on smart contracts

Eamon Leonard – was involved in the first regulatory compliant ICO. Impactcoin
Build a project without giving up equity
ICO sell a token but keep equity in company.
Let the market decide the value of your product.

Different value structures – reward points, bonus structures, shopping coupons etc.. all can be tokenized

Revenue token – say could instantly split 10% of revenue
Forgo future revenue with deep discounted future ads for an internet search company

Cryptokitties was the first utility. Built in 3 months with internal resources

A lot of scams.
Regulators are interested.
How is this technology being used in industry
Regulators want reporting and want to manage any new systemic and other risk

Leadweb is building an exchange.
Flagship project is Timechain.
Currently using several wallets and exchanges. Timechain wants to create a one stop shop for wallets and exchanges.

Canada has 10 provinces and 10 security commissions.

Transactions are efficient for large transactions but need to have improvements for micropayments

Amazon credits being converted to crypto. Crypto holders get more amazon discounts

Pineapple fund example of giving away $55 million worth of coin to worthy exponential technologies like SENS life extension. Showed the power of mobilized crypto money.

ColliderX for nonprofit – open source research for blockchain and adjacent tech

Smart contracts – definition provided.
Can be used to have partial payments at every step of the supply movement.
Look up Speedbridge (UK, bringing liquidity )
Real Estate use case

PWC Nigeria- 5.3 billion do not have title to their land.
Blockchain could unlock $4 trillion by putting land titles on the blockchain

Barriers – usability and technology still has issues
Need to add education.
Cryptokitties- broke etherium a couple of times
Need to buy ethereum, and then get cryptokitty

Next 12 months
Many early stage and development projects will tip to commercial production to get up and running to get crypto onto your phone

Kyle created a cryptocurrency training site called NOTE: is a phishing site.

Andreas antonopoulos is a respected blockchain expert and testified to government on it.