Dining around the city on an evening of the C2 Montreal conference

C2 Montréal is about experiencing the unexpected, taking a step back, recharging and leaving your comfort zone behind. This three-day event brings together visionaries and forward-thinkers from around the world to explore the relationship between commerce and creativity. It is high technology meeting Cirque de Soleil.

Montreal itself is scenic. Montreal has a lot of great food.

Tonight I had Montreal and Quebec classic food with Poutine, Tartar and a local ice cream.

The Poutine was Poutine with Ribs (Home Fries, Rib Meat, Porto Demi Glace) from Taboo Restaurant.
The Tartar was 2 ounces of Duck tartar, Trufee style (Taboo Mix, Fig and Pear Confit, Sherry Vinegar, Truffle oil).

The Ice Cream was from the Chocolats Favaris shop. It was Tanzania dark chocolate.

I also walked around the downtown area and around Place Des Arts.

Here is a professional photo of the Place des Arts from an online source.