DOVU and BMW tracking mileage of leased cars and using rewards program

BMW is piloting a blockchain platform to track mileage in leased vehicles. The effort is being carried out in partnership with blockchain startup DOVU.
DOVU is creating a circular economy through blockchain powered mobility, empowering all data owners to share and be rewarded for their mobility data.
The project comes months after DOVU – previously backed by Jaguar’s venture arm – completed a $6 million initial coin offering.
DOVU has Blockchain powered rewards –
Rewarding stakeholders is transformed by blockchain technology. Whether you’re working on connected cars, public transport, or autonomous vehicles, the DOV token facilitates a new transfer of value.
DOV – The ubiquitous unit of value for the transportation sector.
The DOV token makes it easier to capture and reward value. DOV is an ERC-20 token you earn and spend by sharing and changing the way you travel.