Ethical and Economical Questions Surrounding AI – C2 Montreal AI Forum

This is a AI Forum at C2 Montreal. This is sponsored by Element AI.

Yoshua Bengio, Element AI
Philippe Couillard, Premier of Quebec

The Ethical and Economical Questions Surrounding AI

In this talk, one of the most prominent researchers in artificial intelligence will discuss AI, economic development and ethics.


Yoshua Bengio, Co-Founder, Element AI and Director, Montréal Institute for Learning Algorithms

Philippe Couillard, Premier of Quebec – Do we have enough funding? The answer is always no

Montreal is a hub with 9000 students

Most important is education and other investments

People come to Montreal because of the ecosystem

Government sent a clear signal which was key to developing and starting the AI hub

Need to work with startups and others

Today focusing on PHd AI training. Cannot create enough experts to meet the business needs.
Need to focus on undergrad as well.
Need to keep researchers in the lab

Computational needs are huge and cannot compete with compute of Google and other international competitors.

China’s government money is a challenge.

Businesses have to work with startups
Quebec government will partner

There is the issue of neutrality

Today AI science is coming out of labs.
Need to keep researchers focused on unsolved problems

Some projects are unprofitable in the short term but needed for the long term. For example some in healthcare and medicine.

In Europe, tomorrow the GDPR is being applied.

We have to define where Quebec can play a role. We are 8 million and not 70 million like France.

Governments have to look into the social impacts
There will be a backlash from society if the negatives are not mitigated

AI is here already on our phones.
We must remain a diversified and inclusive society, that is fundamental

Social inequality and labor. Is there a plan? Will citizens be involved in the discussion.
The answer is training, education and democracy
We need to avoid polarization and rethink our social net

the speed of change in employment and technology

We need to rethink education with generalists (not just specialists) but adaptive generalists

We will still need biologists, teachers and others as well.
Want doctors to still talk to the patient but with AI help for diagnosis

Some areas will be very vulnerable to AI

Personal care should not be automated.