MDR of Japan and D-Wave will apply quantum machine learning to drug discovery, finance and cars

MDR Corporation, a Japanese company located in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, announced the signing of an agreement with D-Wave Systems Inc., the leader in quantum computing systems and software, to use D-Wave’s quantum computers to develop quantum computing applications for machine learning and optimization problems. MDR develops hardware, middleware and applications for quantum computing, and collaborates with Japanese domestic companies, organizations and universities.
“Quantum computing is of considerable value in areas such as finance, security and drug discovery”, said MDR’s CEO Yuichiro Minato. “However, to use quantum computing effectively, suitable mathematical models need to be developed. MDR has developed and provides the ‘Wildcat‘ SDK, which is used to perform quantum simulations, particularly for quantum annealing. D-Wave’s quantum computers are based on quantum annealing and will thus enable MDR to explore our algorithms using real hardware. One of our objectives is to build demonstrations of applications for quantum machine learning, including deep learning, and powerful tools for finance, automotive and drug discovery.”
“Combining MDR’s expertise in developing tools and applications with D-Wave’s expertise in quantum computing will benefit Japanese organizations who want to understand how this advanced technology will provide value to their business,” said Bo Ewald, president D-Wave International. “We are pleased to be collaborating with MDR on this effort to provide new tools that will help advance the state quantum computing.”
About MDR Corporation
MDR Corporation develops hardware, middleware and applications for quantum computing, collaborating with Japanese domestic companies, organizations and universities. MDR has wide knowledge and experience in quantum computing. To achieve its vision of “Allowing anyone to benefit from quantum computing”, MDR provides a Python-based SDK (Software Development Kit) called Wildcat ( that enables engineers to perform quantum computing simulations. MDR is also a member of the digital accelerator program organized by MUFG (Mitsubishi UFJ Finance Group), a major Japanese banking group, and is planning to generate novel value in the financial area. MDR aims to improve customer efficiency across a variety of industries from finance and medicine to automotive and beyond. For more information, please visit https://