Sonny White at Eagleworks scaling EMdrive experiments to 400 watts

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Sonny White has a new paper Spacedrives and Conservation Laws

Raymond Sedwick
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 20740
Associate Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering. Associate Fellow AIAA.

Harold White
NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas 77058
Advanced Propulsion Theme Lead and Principal Investigator, Eagleworks Laboratories, Mailing Code EP4. Member AIAA.

In the video:
Harold White looks at Pilot Wave Theory

His theory is that Acoustic resonances in the quantum vacuum are directly responsible for atomic structure
Applying a time-varying electromagnetic field using simulation and experimentation
He then has force predictions

Lawrence Krauss argues with White on the quantum physics principles. at 4:00 hours into the video.
Robert Zubrin then follows up about White using 100 times more thrust per kilowatt in the proposed mission beyond what they have measured.