Star Wars is off the pedestal and must deliver quality stories

The New York Times proposes that the Star Wars movies are coming out too frequently which is why Solo a Star Wars story had relatively poor box office. This is not the reason. There has been a tipping point where previously fans were willing to look at massively flawed movies as a half-full glass. Now they see them as more than half empty. Star Wars is no longer on the fan pedestal. Now it has to deliver quality stories and movies.

I gave the Last Jedi a decent review when I watched a preview. I knew it had huge flaws but I graded it on a curve. This was a curve where Return of the Jedi is acceptable despite the Ewoks. There was story and plotting flaws carried over from Force Awakens and even Return of the Jedi. There were new bad story choices being made.

There is a higher quality and longer action sequences with the Old Republic mini-movies from the video game. The Old Republic also has a higher level of threat from the Sith and is able to use a lot of Jedi. Storm Troopers and Rogues are also shown to be tougher and smarter in their capabilities and use of equipment.