eToro lets you copy the trades of winning traders in real-time and copied traders earn 2% fees

For more than a decade, eToro has been a leader in the global Fintech revolution. eToro is the world’s leading social trading network, with millions of registered users and an array of innovative trading and investment tools.

eToro has plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange and crypto wallet and raised $100 million in private funding.

eToro currently has live operations in the UK, Israel, and Europe, and is expanding to the USA.

eToro lets you copy popular trades by experienced investors. They have 250 experts and their trading can be copied by customers. eToro lets top traders earn directly from online trading by leading millions of social traders worldwide and getting paid as a new generation of fund manager when they copy your investments.

Winning traders can build their own online Financial Business and earn a 2% management fee. When they are copied by other people, popular traders earn fixed payments and up to 2% of the annual assets of the traders who are copying the lead trader.

Social Trading enables you to copy trades of successful traders

* eToro makes it easy to follow and makes it easy to be followed
* You can copy several successful traders. Some in stocks, some in derivatives and some in crypto to get as much diversification as you want.
* Copying of trading started in 2010, and about 78% of all copied trades were profitable as of Aug 2017
* eToro operates under strict regulations, eToro’s social trading network has more than 6 million users worldwide.
* eToro shows each trader’s performance, risk and portfolio. It not just performance but how much risk was taken

eToro lets you create a portfolio with cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, ETFs and more.

Stocks are traded on eToro using Contracts For Difference (CFDs) or with real-time stock purchases. You can sell short positions and have fractional share trading. Short and fractional trading is even for assets that don’t have those options in traditional trading. Amazon shares might be $1600 but on eToro you can invest as little as $50. The $50 minimum investment is possible for all shares traded on eToro.

eToro allows commodity trading as well.

eToro provides daily market analysis

In April 6 2018, big technology stocks continue to hit overall highs and the cryptocurrencies have been continuing to decline. Despite this most of the eToro transactions are buying.

Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture
Sources – eToro

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