George St Pierre talks about performance enhancing drugs

In an interview with Joe Rogan, UFC champion George St Pierre (GSP) talks about performance-enhancing drugs.

* the new drugs can not just make you stronger but can enhance your reaction time and confidence
* In the future, GSP expects gene doping and other enhancements to wreck combat sports and other sports

A fictional example of GSP versus a performance enhanced fighter

Testosterone site talks about how soldiers could juice without liver damage

TC Luoma at T-nation writes about which steroids could be used by the military with minimal downsides.

Researchers at the 2016 Consortium of Health and Military Performance symposium had outlined five primary concerns that the military should pursue and one was the further exploration of steroid use, including the costs and benefits. An anonymous survey of US Army Rangers shows that one-fourth admitted to using some sort of steroid or performance-enhancing drug.

If the goal is to enhance combat capability by moderately increasing strength and endurance while maintaining the health and functionality of the human “machine.” This is infinitely doable.

There are a couple of interesting steroids in production that might be ideal for chemically enhancing soldiers in general, and one might be ideal for women.

The first is a little-known steroid known as testosterone undecanoate (TU). It’s manufactured by Organon and its trade name is Andriol. It’s never been available in the United States, but there is a new drug application in the FDA database (number 206089) for oral TU capsules to be sold under the trade name Jatenzo. Andriol, or possibly Jatenzo, is unique among steroids because it is directly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the lymphatic system, thus avoiding “first pass” hepatic accumulation and inactivation. It is safe for the liver.

It has a low absorption rate. 12 or more pills per day in two or more daily doses would be needed.

TU injections might be a better alternative because one shot of 1,000 mg. of TU can raise testosterone levels for up to 10 weeks.

Another steroid is oxandrolone and is generally known by the name Anavar. It is three times as potent as testosterone and provides strength without much bulk. It would be pretty safe if taken for 8 weeks and should not cause the negative effect for women.