Horne Technologies has superconducting IEC fusion device and hope for net power by 2020

Horne Technologies is developing an inertial electrostatic nuclear fusion system. They claim to have the world’s first superconducting, high-beta plasma research device in operation. They have 10 years research and development of fusion technologies. They have the first use of advanced REBCO superconducting wire in a plasma containment device. They have designed a record-breaking capable hybrid reactor.

– Superconducting REBCO coils capable of 0.5T ea.
– Operating pressure 1.0×10^-8 to 1 Torr
– Pumped liquid nitrogen cryogenic cooling
– Simple heating and measurement system
– 3A current injection

The path forward is simple:
– Scale up technology
– Demonstrate the world’s most efficient device
– Calculate scale for break-even
– Build a full scale, power producing device

The second generation device will have
– Improved coil structure
– Liquid helium cooling
– Advanced plasma diagnostics
– Mitigation of the ion-ion thermalization loss mechanism
– Validation of all required technologies
– Final proof of concept