Iran’s miserable economy and wasteful foreign wars have resulted in an angry populace

Iran’s official unemployment rate is 12% and oil exports have declined by about half a million barrels a day and might decline even further as the effect of the renewed U.S. American sanctions increases.

Iranian people have no confidence in their leaders and are frustrated with the economy, lack of economic reform and high unemployment. Most Iranian’s do not care about Syria and Yemen and many are greatly angry about wasting money on foreign wars.

The Iranian unemployment has been around 10-15% for decades.

Iran’s inflation rate has been 10-20% with occasional spikes to 50%.

Currenty Iran misery index is about 22% (12.1% unemployment and 10% inflation rate). This has been the typical situation with Iran’s misery index usually being about 20-35%.

The misery index is the sum of the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate to the annual inflation rate.

The US inflation rate peaked at 13.3% in 1979.

The US unemployment rate ranged form 6.4%-10.8% from 1974 to 1986.

The US misery index peaked at about 22% and averaged 16.26% under Jimmy Carter.

Iran’s currency before the 1979 revolution was strong: 1 $US = 70Rials in the 1970s. It is now 1 $US = 90000Rials.