Making Great Star Wars Movies

Star Wars needs to be saved.

Fans loved Star Wars a New Hope and from the Empire Strike Back and the Clone Wars and Rebels animation series. Return of the Jedi was disappointing with Ewoks but it still had a reasonable closure for Luke, Vader and the Emperor. There were some good things to love about the Prequels. The lightsaber and spaceships battles in the Prequels were solid. There was the addition of Mace Windu and some other Master Jedi. The clone troopers were interesting.

The Force Awakens was flawed but there was setup that could have been interesting.

My first review was in general positive because my standards for what was acceptable for Star Wars had included Return of the Jedi with ewoks, Jar Jar Binks and having half of movies wasted. I was trying to look at the glass half full.

How to Make Great Star Wars movies

First recognize and truly understand the real reasons why certain movies are hated.

The video Top 10 Reasons Why The Last Jedi Made Me ANGRY! I think provides the best explanation of the anger and betrayal that many fans feel.

* Original characters having their characters altered and having them go out like punks
* Not having satisfying payoffs and epicness
* Making the Universe-Galaxy smaller
* Not putting in the care to address plot details and teasers
* If you going surprise and trash a setup then have something better to replace it

Writing, Writing and Writing

Marvel had a plan for over ten years of movies. They continue to plan out many years in advance for multi-movie and multi-year phases. Marvel has large teams of writers to work and perfect plots and scripts. Marvel leverages decades of content from comics and media.

Star Wars also has decades of content in books and comics. They junked those as non-canon. But the ideas and stories can be used for development and improvement of the movies.

Star Wars needs to have writing teams and they need to have retreats to work on plotting and planning and taking what works and what is loved and expanding it.

A Galaxy with a rich history and expanding future of Jedi, Sith, Rogues, Bounty hunters, Fighter Pilots, Many Worlds

There should be an expansion of a broad tapestry of great Heroes, great Villains. A range from wretched hives of scum and villainy to pearls of the Galaxy like Coruscant.

Do not make things tiny like 20-30 people going against trillions.

Also, do not trash and invalidate things back from a galaxy-wide rebellion that spend three original movies winning back to nothing.

Fixing Last Jedi

There are many videos talking about how to Fix Last Jedi. There is supposedly money raised for a remake of Last Jedi.

Problems were already in the Force Awakens and the prequels before them.

But it boils down to
* invalidate the most hated parts of Last Jedi
* even if it takes saying things were dreams or tricks
* take a movie to get back to properly resetting the state of the story and characters
* then provide a satisfying conclusion. Take whatever time is needed for the writing teams to create satisfying fixes and new plots and the longer arcs and plans.

Disney is motivated to do this because they are expecting Star Wars to deliver billions of dollars every year from Merchandise, Theme Park expansion, movies, games and other media.