Space Force military reorg and proposed major US government reorganization

The Pentagon has been directed to establish a Space Force as a new military branch. Just as the marines are an hybrid offshoot of the Navy and Army, the Space Force would be splitting the Space components that Air Force, Army and other branches.

The Space Force idea has endorsements by the Joint Chiefs’ office and various military branches.

The Space Force will probably be in the 2019 defense authorization act.

Nextbigfuture believes this will be further opportunity for more military leaders to move up in rank and for more bribes and expensive and excessive procurement contracts.

Currently all the components exist and they would be brought together into one branch that would be focused on space instead part of the Air Force or part of the Army or part of the Intelligence branches.

Potentially when it is just its own branch then the Space Force leaders would be focused on building up that branch and domain.

The Space Force will be a major military reorg.

Major US Government Reorg Proposed

The White House has also proposed a major government reform and reorg plan. There is a 132-page plan.

The plan includes

* Privatizing the Postal Service.
* Merging the Education and Labor departments.
* Reorganizing safety-net programs into a Department of Health and Public Welfare.
* Creating a governmentwide public-private partnership office to improve services to citizens, and stewardship of public resources.
* Relocating more staff and offices outside the National Capital Region.
* Dramatically shrinking the Office of Personnel Management.
* Revamping the Army Corps of Engineers.

Trump has delegated many major efforts and many major changes are moving ahead at the same time.

The media and the Democrats are distracted by the tweeting, Russia investigation and the language and tone and now the Supreme Court. Bigger changes and policy shifts are advancing.