Super 72+ hour nearly perfect mosquito repellent could save millions of lives every year

Dr. Abraar Karan has developed a nearly perfect 72-hour mosquito repellent where 98 percent of the mosquitoes did not land and of those two percent that landed, 100 percent did not bite.

* Tests show the repellent stay on parts of the skin for 72 hours or even longer
* It is not absorbed into the bloodstream. Pesticides like DEET are absorbed into the bloodstream.
* it does not wash off. It wears away as part of the skin’s natural shedding process.

This is going to save many, many lives. Mosquitos cause millions of deaths every year from Malaria and Yellow fever. Also, by helping preventing sickness from hundreds of millions more people this could significantly boost the GDP in countries with major mosquitos problems. Many are developing countries in Asia and Africa.

The repellent won top prize plus $80,000 at a Harvard Business School competition.

It uses natural standbys such as citronella and oil of lemon eucalyptus, but the new ingredient is a special polymer, or adhesive, that doctors use in surgeries.

They are raising $25,000 from a Gofundme campaign.

The Hour72 is creating the world’s safest, longest lasting, and most effective insect repellent. Through partnerships with the ministry of health in Nigeria and Brazil, they plan to provide effective protection against mosquitoes and the illnesses they carry to the people who need it most by the end of 2018. They aim to have commercial sales in the United States by 2019 and a program in place where every bottle you buy will also provide a bottle for those who can’t afford it around the globe. The money raised here will be used to do further testing and help us begin providing assistance to the people of Nigeria and Brazil.

The Hour 72 website is here but it just has the main page and other pages like the Learn more are currently not working.