Tokomak Energy UK high temperature superconductors and better magnet path to commercial nuclear fusion

Tokamak Energy of the UK has built the ST40 prototype fusion reactor and they aim to reach 100 million degrees celsius by the end of 2018. They have already reached 15 million degrees.

Tokomak Energy UK is using high-temperature superconductors to make far stronger magnets in order to make compact commercial nuclear fusion.

After the ST40 will be the following three devices that will if successful will have commercial fusion energy.

There is a 19 page presentation of how Tokomak Energy plans to get to commercial fusion.

ST40X a higher performance demo

ST-F1 a controlled fusion power demonstration

Then the ST-E1. This will have full electric power generation.

Here is the time lapsed build of the ST40.

Tokamak Energy Communications Consultant Melanie Windridge’s talk from TEDxWarwick’s DareToDefy event.